About Restaurant Auction Company

We have developed this site to provide quality used restaurant equipment to customers that are concerned about buying equipment on an online auction. This auction process also saves the customer valuable time by not spending all day at an onsite auction waiting for their item to come up for bid. Online you can bid on an item and if you are outbid we will notify you by email. You can continue to bid or when the time comes for the auction to end you will be able to sit in the comfort of your home or office and bid on any number of items. The majority of our Auctions will run approximately 10 days.

You may ask what makes us any different from other auction websites. The answer is very simple – we provide a point system for all equipment sold on our site.

Items in our auctions will have a number value in its description. The numbers will be from 1 to 10 with 10 being an amazing piece of equipment in excellent working condition. Our rating system is an educated opinion as to the current condition or appearance of the item. We make every attempt to note if the item is missing a part or is not in working condition. This rating system does not offer any implied warranty.

have purchased restaurant equipment online for resale in our retail business and nothing is more frustrating than to have the item arrive to find that it is missing a component or it is not what you thought it was. I have been in the restaurant equipment business for over 30 years and I find it extremely difficult to determine the quality of a piece of equipment just from a few pictures and an incomplete description. Many times you find the item incorrectly identified or the item pictured is not the same item that arrives.

Another service that separates us from the others is that we offer shipping. We have docks and proper equipment to pack your item for shipping. If you want we can even provide you with the huge freight discounts that we enjoy with many freight carriers. A fee will be charged to palletize your items for shipment and all freight costs will be the responsibility of the winning bidder.

If you have any questions about a piece of equipment feel free to call our Office. If you would like to talk to one of our service technicians concerning a particular auction item please feel to use that service. We have licensed Refrigeration Techs on staff as well as Techs who have many years of experience with electrical and gas equipment.

I hope you enjoy your auction experience with Restaurant Auction Company and if you have any suggestions on ways to improve our website I would enjoying hearing from you.

Keith Newkam