Restaurant Auction Company would like to welcome all bidders to our online auctions for restaurant equipment.

We have developed this site to provide quality used restaurant equipment, furnishings and smallwares. Our goal is to provide our bidders with a professional, yet user friendly auction experience.

You may ask what makes us any different from other auction websites.
The answer is very simple – we specialize in restaurant equipment and restaurant equipment only.

We are an organization of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the food service equipment industry. We offer a high level of expertise and have trained technicians and refrigeration techs on staff.

We are proud to offer a rating system for equipment sold on our site. Items are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being an amazing piece of equipment in excellent working condition. Our rating system is an educated opinion as to the current condition or appearance of the item. This rating system does not offer any implied warranty.

Another service that separates us from the others is our shipping services. We know that it isn’t always practical to travel to the site to pick up your items. We offer both UPS Ground and freight shipping services. We can pack and palletize your items and make shipping arrangements with our many freight carriers. If you prefer to make your own shipping arrangements we can assist by packing your items for pick up by your carrier. A packing and/or palletizing fee is charged to prepare your items for shipment and all freight costs will be the responsibility of the winning bidder.

In order to participate in any of our online auctions you must first Register to receive a Bidder Number. The registration process provides us with contact information for our bidders. There is no fee to register as a bidder. A valid credit card is required to register. An authorization in the amount $50.00 is processed on your credit card to verify that the credit card information is valid. This $50.00 authorization is similar to a hotel authorization or hold on your credit card. These funds are not collect by Restaurant Auction Company and will typically expire based on your credit card company’s hold time. This authorization occurs once for each auction. If you place a bid in more than one auction an authorization will occur for each auction.

Our auctions last approximately 10 days. Bidding takes place throughout that time. Many bidders place bids up until the item closes. Our auctions offer a staggered closing with 2-5 items closing per minute. In order to emulate a live auction experience we offer dynamic closings. The closing time of an item is automatically extended if a bid is placed within 2 minutes of the item’s posted closing time. It can remain active as long as bids continue to be placed within the extended times. All other items continue to close at their respective posted closing times. In the last few minutes of an item’s closing it can get fast and furious. We recommend the use of the Max Bid feature.

The MaxBid feature allows you to enter your maximum bid and the system will bid on your behalf at the next required bid amount as other bidders bid against you. MaxBids are confidential and never displayed to other bidders. The MaxBid feature will help you stay on top of the items you really want to win. If you are outbid, you can bid again.

Each auction offers a Preview/Inspection day prior to the close of the auction. We highly recommend that bidders take advantage of the opportunity to inspect the items you are interested in bidding on. This opportunity allows you to know what you are bidding on and to bid appropriately. If you are unable to attend the Preview you should carefully consider the descriptions, photos, details and terms of sale, then bid accordingly.

We offer specified removal times for each auction. This information can be found on the auction details page for each auction. The winning bidder is responsible to provide the people, tools and materials required to remove their items properly and safely. Please see item descriptions for more information. If you are not familiar with how to do this it is recommended you contact a professional.

For auctions where equipment is at the restaurant site all items must be removed during the specified removal times. Our sellers are often required to vacate the premises shortly after the removal. There is no option for a rescheduled pick up. If you have purchased items from one of these auctions and need these items shipped, there will be a fee to remove these items to our warehouse for packing. Please contact our office to request more information. Any items not picked up or schedule to be shipped will be considered abandoned.